One Mouth and One Heart 2022 Choir Workshop

We had an amazing turnout for the August 2022 workshop with Benedict and Talia Maria Sheehan. It was such a joy to sing with Orthodox Christian singers from the 6 parishes represented by the singers and directors in attendance!

We will soon begin planning with the Sheehans for the 2023 workshop and will continue hosting local multi-parish workshops in the interim - please watch for details!  If you are interested in receiving updates regarding the 2023 Workshop, upcoming local workshops, or the formation of the Carolina Deanery Choir (a work in progress!) please email Tamara and Sarah Mary. Email and phone contact information is listed on the 2022 registration form. 

Thank you for your continued support! 

From Great Vespers August 20, 2022
New Uploads 2022!

Matins Music

Magnificat & Refrain            God is the Lord Tones 1-8                 Daily Exapostilarion (Tones 1-8) 

Canon to the Theotokos (Tone 4)

Resurrection Canon                                                          Great Canon of St Andrew

Tone 1                                            Tone 5                 First Week of Lent - Full Service w/Great Compline

Tone 2                                            Tone 6                 Refrains Irmosi Music Only (Archangelsky)

Tone 3                                            Tone 7

Tone 4                                            Tone 8

External Resources

As Orthodox Christians, we sing and chant in in prayer, and in hope of adding beauty to the worship. Many thanks to the people who worked hard to put together the music and text available on these pages:

Music at St Tikhon's

St Jonah Reader Horologion - Reader Service Texts 

Orthodox Psalter on the Church of the Mother of God website 

St. John of Chicago Orthodox Church Liturgical Resources

Orthodox Monastery of the Transfiguration (Ellwood City, PA) Music Page

OCA Diocese of the South 

OCA Diocese of the West 

Orthodox Liturgical Music from

Russian Orthodox Music from the Synodal Cathedral Choral Library (English)

Sacred Music Library of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America

Byzantine Chant from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese

Unmercinary Sacred Music

St. Anne Orthodox Church choir in Corvallis, OR sings the 8 Resurrectional Troparia and has graciously posted a YouTube playlist for those who are still becoming familiar with the Octoechos. 

Ss. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Buffalo, NY breaks down the 4 part harmonies used Obikhod (common) Troparia, Kontakia, and Prokiemena:

Tone 1           Tone 2            Tone 3            Tone 4

Tone 5           Tone 6            Tone 7            Tone 8

Turorials for the Vespers or "LIC" ("LIHC") Tones can be found on OCA's website. Both the L’vov-Bakhmetev Obikhod (or Common Chant) and the Kievan Chant variants are broken down by part with audio samples to help you learn. 


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